Our goal is to make your life easier. And while we hope to take most of the effort onto ourselves, we know that creating a final PowerPoint presentation takes some knowledge and craftsmanship. But guess what? We’re not leaving you alone here.

General Knowledge

Good folks at Microsoft and Apple work hard to make their software as intuitive as possible. But the learning curve is there. Fortunately, it is not a steep one, so you will catch on quickly.

Part of our knowledge base is dedicated to delivering you the most important know-how regarding both the presentation software, and some related operating system activities. Among other things, you’ll learn how to Change Themes in PowerPoint or Take a Screenshot on Mac (coming up).

Using IP Templates

Our templates are created using 100% native PowerPoint and Keynote functionalities. No custom macros, no plugins required. Pure vanilla software. Articles that relates specifically to our templates teach you how to get the most of your new purchase.



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