Powerpoint Templates For Mac

by Improve Presentation Last Updated: 2018.08.01

People often ask us if our PowerPoint Templates work on Mac. They work just fine! No matter if you work on PowerPoint 2011 or the new PowerPoint 2016 for Mac. Read our guidelines regarding working with our PowerPoint templates on your Mac.

You Want Proof? We’ll Give You Proof!

Below you’ll find some screenshots taken directly from Powerpoint on Mac. All our templates are tested in this environment before we launch them.

Social Media Template

Source: Social Media Template For Mac – Present your social media campaign or activities with style and show your efforts to your boss or a client in a modern, easy to edit PowerPoint format.

Company Template For Mac

Source: Company PowerPoint Template For Mac – Whether you’re presenting your company’s budget or new sales strategy, the Company Presentation Template can help you deliver your content clearly. It’s built for business professionals by design professionals.

Business PowerPoint Template For Mac

Source: Business PowerPoint Template For Mac – As a business professional, your calendar is overbooked and your email is overflowing. With the Business Presentation Template, you have everything you need to easily create a compelling presentation in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to design one from scratch. Download now to begin adding your own content immediately.

But Wait! There is more.

There is much more powerpoint templates for mac available on our website and the best part is – we are launching new templates every month. You can sign up using our newsletter to receive updates if you want to stay up to date.

PowerPoint Template for Mac

Let’s say you are searching for a medical template. It’s easy – just enter “medical” in the search box and you’ll find all the templates and icons related to it.

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How it Works

Follow these steps in order to take full advantage of our templates. Make sure to double check all the points before you start editing it.

Step one: Download

Download PowerPoint Template For Mac

After purchasing the presentation template that fits your needs, click the download button to receive a compressed folder of your presentation template (A compressed folder makes it easier and faster to download the different components of your presentation template, like custom fonts and the templates).

Step two: Unpack

In the downloads folder of your computer, you will now see a file labeled with your presentation template’s name. The file will end with the suffix .zip. In order to begin using your template, you need to unzip the folder. On a Mac, simply double-click on the folder to unpack the contents of the folder.

Step three: Contents

Once the folder is unzipped, you will see three subfolders inside and a .pdf document containing a copy of detailed instructions.

Step four: Fonts


To use the custom fonts included in your presentation, you need to add the included fonts to your computer’s font library. Double-click on the Fonts folder to see the individual fonts included in your presentation template. On a Mac, open Font Book (you can find this by searching for Font Book) and drag and drop the individual font files over to the list of fonts. The fonts will now be added to your library and you can use them in any program on your computer, just like you would use Times New Roman.

Step five: Open Keynote

Finally, in the Keynote folder, you will find your presentation template. Double-click on the presentation template to launch Keynote and begin using your template.

Grand Finale: Bonus Keynote Version

Apart from PowerPoint templates we also provide templates for native presentation software on Mac called Keynote.

bonus version - keynote

In every template you download you’ll always find both versions of the template – for PowerPoint and for Keynote so if you ever need to work in a native mac environment you don’t need to worry.