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by Olgierd
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Choosing the proper template may be a tedious task. Plenty of propositions, various angles: design, content, ppt quality. Fortunately, you’re not the first person to walk this path. See what thousands of our clients before you have chosen.

We proudly present 10 of our top-selling presentation templates.


#1 Pitch Deck Bundle

investing strategy, swot analysis, icon set and canada template slides

Amazing bundle, it has everything you need to craft the perfect investor presentation. In addition to all the standard slides, it features detailed USA and Canada maps, slides for SWOT analysis and over 450 professional icons. Our all-time best-selling template pack.

#2 Business Presentation Template

investing pie chart, features, bar chart and mockups slides

Professional, but bold design together with versatile choice of slides make this template our #2 best-seller. Featuring various charts, tables, image slides, iPhone mockups and more. Great all-purpose template for your business.

#3 Sales Deck Presentation Template

world map, icons, line chart and big numbers slides

Created as a presentation template for sales, this deck have overcome its initial purpose. Another versatile proposition for your business, featuring bold yet clean design of 46 slides with US map, infographics, charts, processes, tables, 23 beautiful line icons, and more.

#4 Startup Investor Update Template

big numbers, line chart, iphone mockup and bio slides

Let’s say you have a startup. Let’s say you’ve created your pitch. After you get the funding (yes, we believe in you), your long-term relations with your investors begin. And we’ve got your back. Our Startup Investor Update template will make your quarterly updates easy. After all, you’ve got a startup to focus on.

#5 Project Status Report Template

health dashboard, resources, quality and resources bar percentage slides

This template is amazing. Having well-designed slides is one thing, having a framework you can use to effortlessly create a perfect status report for your project is a whole another one. This template is basically a walk through on what you should and should not include in such report. It also helps you keep focus on the big picture and not go too deep into details. No wonder it occupies position #5 of our best-sellers list.

#6 Portfolio Presentation Template

showcase, timeline, skills and macbook mockup slides

Anyone in the creative industry knows how hard it is to present your own work. To do it right, you need to distance yourself and detach from your creation. This template basically does this for you. Perfect for both professional artists and agencies, it has been a hit from the day one.

#7 Marketing Template

problem, plans, table and gender bias slides

If you’re looking for a professional template with a designer touch, look no more. This deck is a proof you can create clean slides that can deliver your message, without compromising the design qualities and finesse. Featuring mockups for presenting web, mobile and desktop digital products, beautiful pie charts, tables, maps, images, processes and 27 unique icons.

#8 Case Study Template

pie chart, agenda, executive summary and ring chart slides

Case studies are powerful way for the company to show what it delivers rather than offers. Bad presentation, however may ruin the effect. This highly specialised presentation template allows you to show off the data behind your greatest projects in a way that itself will impress your customers.

#9 Presentation Bundle

sales deck, clean template and geometric pitch deck slides

Not really a template, but bundle of 3 of our amazing decks. Sales Deck (yes, the very same, #3 on this list), Clean Template and Geometric Pitch Deck. What do you get when you put these together? 156 slides, 109 icons and – #9 best selling product on this website.

#10 Social Media Report Template

social media icons, progress bars, tag cloud and smartphone mockups slides

To be honest, we’re actually surprised this template is not higher on this list. Every agency having to present a social media report for its clients struggles with the same problem. Tight schedule prevents them from properly presenting what they’ve accomplished, yet integrity does not allow to do a shoddy work. This deck gives you the perfect framework and delivers your report in style.




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