How to Choose a Presentation Template

by Danielle Dalton Last Updated: 2018.08.28 Post color

You’d think that after months of hard work developing a new marketing plan for your company or finally scoring a meeting with the venture capitalist you’ve been reaching out to that making the presentation would be the easy part, but sometimes it can be difficult to get a presentation to showcase your hard work just the way you want.

How to choose a presentation template is the first step in making a presentation you’re proud of and allows you to express all the things you want. Color, composition, and continuity are the three points that will help you choose the best template for your presentation.


Color is crucial in a presentation. It sets the mood and creates an emotional impact on your audience.

A brightly colored presentation may appear more peppy and related to big, abstract ideas while a darker colored presentation may be more serious in tone. One set of colors isn’t universally better than another. Rather, certain colors lend themselves better to different types of presentations.

  • If you’re representing a corporation, you can match the colors of the presentation to your company’s branding and logo to subtly reinforce branding without the overt use of a logo on every slide.
  • Warmer colors (reds, oranges) relate to energy like excitement or tension while cooler colors (blue, green) exude calmness and are more subdued.
  • Colors are important, but try not to use more than four to create a cohesive, crisp presentation.
  • If you’re planning to print your slides to give to others, then you may want a template with a lighter background to save on ink and to make the presentation easier to read when printed.


Each presentation is composed of different elements. Elements are the graphics, text boxes, and charts/graphs that are found in every template.

While all templates have slides that give you space to fill out important information like your company information, some are geared more towards financial projections/numbers (Sales Deck Presentation Template) while others may lend themselves better to more big-picture strategy talks (Business Flow Presentation Template).

Each template is a different style, ranging from traditional to more eclectic. To choose the best template, ensure that the composition of elements matches the content of your presentation. The best way to determine this is to look at the information you would like to share with your audience and then find a template that has the types of graphs/charts you need if you’re heavy on numbers or slides with big attention-grabbing photo spreads if you’re looking to present a new idea. Remember that every template’s elements can be customized after downloading it.


Your presentation template should match your content like your shoes match your outfit. Your template is an extension of what you’re sharing with others.

You probably wouldn’t show up to a black-tie wedding wearing flip flops from your trip to the Bahamas. Likewise, you wouldn’t stroll into the conference room of your traditional financial service firm and present last quarter’s earnings report using the Funky and Bright Presentation Template, but that template may be the perfect match for the creative think tank on the floor below you.

Continuity is making sure that your template complements your presentation and is an extension of your content. To check if your template is continuous with your message, ask yourself, “Does what I’m talking about during the presentation match this template’s tone and theme?”


Being aware of color, composition, and continuity will enable you to choose a presentation template that makes you look like a pro before you even begin sharing everything you know. After reading the above tips, if you find yourself debating between two templates, put yourself in the audience’s perspective. Which template would help you present your content in a way that makes it easier for others to understand and follow? Remember that you can browse through every slide of each presentation template before purchasing, so there are not any surprises after downloading it.