Best Keynote Templates in 2017

by Improve Presentation
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We have created a list with best Premium Keynote Templates in 2017. Keynote templates are hard to find on the web but they don’t have to be cheesy or boring.

Having several years of experience doing Keynote design we wanted to present this list to show us what works from our experience. We focused on content structure, fonts, colors and modern look & feel but most importantly we made them easy for you to edit. Choose the one you like and start downloading.

Investor Presentation Template for Keynote

Due to high demand for our Pitch Deck Template, we’ve created a brand new Investor Presentation. Same topic, same slide selection, fresh new design.

Investor Presentation Template

This template will release you from the tedious design work and let you focus on the content of your Investor Presentation.
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Business Keynote Template

With 31 fully editable slides available in five color schemes, the Business Keynote Template is designed to present your information in a professional format. Beautifully designed slides feature charts, graphs, infographics, timelines, and more, giving you all the tools you need to effectively communicate your message. Because all elements and slides are customizable, easily edit them to fit your requirements.

Business Template

Creating a professional presentation for any business related topic is a breeze with the Business Keynote Template.
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Startup Keynote Template

Explaining all the decisions and research that lead to where your company is today and its future plans can quickly become overwhelming! The Startup Keynote Template methodically presents your information in an easy-to-understand format.

Startup Keynote Template

With 28 customizable slides in 3 unique color schemes, the Startup Keynote Template provides founders with a set of slides perfectly geared for sharing their business with others. Sleek slides deliver beautiful charts, graphs, and infographics to display data in a visually compelling manner. Easily change the color and size of the 22 vector icons included to complement your content.
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Business Plan Keynote Template

The best business plans explain only the most important information – what you want to achieve, how you will get there and the things you need to do along the way. This template will help you to divide writing your business plan into sections, and explains the information that you need to complete each section.

Instead of pulling long nights with microwavable dinners and early mornings with burnt coffee at the office designing your slides, go home early after easily updating our templates. You get more time with friends and family while still delivering a great presentation at the big meeting.
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Social Media Keynote Template

Present your social media campaign or activities with style and show your efforts to your boss or a client in a modern, easy to edit Keynote format.

Social media ROI reports are based on prescribed objectives, the progress of the social campaign tasked with meeting those objectives, the analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and whether the original objectives are met.
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Sales Keynote Template

You’re a professional salesperson. There’s no fooling you; you know a good deal when you see one. And this is a great deal! With 46 fully customizable slides, the Sales Deck Keynote Template features slides formatted with everything you need to win your client over with your solution.

Slides feature 29 professional icons (no gimmicky stock photos), budget breakdowns, flow charts, graphs, timelines, maps, and more.
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Marketing Keynote Template

Communicate your marketing plan or business proposal with the Marketing Keynote Template. Slide layouts are designed to cover the 4 P’s (product, price, place, and promotion), market analysis, metrics, milestones, and other key components.
With 50 fully customizable slides in 3 unique color schemes, the template is designed to help you present any marketing topic—from a campaign’s progress to a proposal about a new line of business and everything in between. Infographics explain consumer segmentation, social media metrics, market penetration, strategy, and more. Timelines share milestones and graphs/charts transform raw data into clear visuals.
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Quality Keynote Template

Fresh colors, a flat design style, and beautiful infographics make this presentation template perfect for sharing information about your business in a dynamic format.
With 48 customizable slides, the template provides you with a comprehensive collection of slides designed to effectively convey your information. Charts, graphs, infographics, timelines, and more share data and results in an easy-to-understand and visually-appealing format. 27 professional vector icons are included and you can change their size and shape to fit your needs.
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Pitch Deck Template

The pitch deck is a very special animal to perfect. It is the essential presentation when looking to start a company. So what needs to be in there to make sure that people will invest into it? Simplicity and clarity.


Making this presentation easy to understand will go a long way in getting funding due to people being able to see the data and problem that you will be solving. Then combining this with a clear explanation of the problem you are solving and how you will make money is a sure way to get an investment.
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The Vintage Keynote Template

A presentation about your business should match your company’s style. The Vintage Keynote Template has a classic vintage flair and is built to share your business information professionally.

With 34 fully editable slides in four color schemes, the template features slides designed for explaining your business without sacrificing style. Slides include easy-to-edit charts, graphs, infographics, timelines, and more. Simply add your own content for a polished presentation.
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Business Flow Keynote Template

When you’re mapping out your company’s processes, it’s easy to get cuahgt up in the finer details. This Keynote template is designed to break down BIG ideas into manageable chunks. Slides walk your audience step-by-step through your thought process. Emphasize high-level takeaways and explain nitty-gritty details. Crisp graphics deliver results in a high-impact format.

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Fresh Keynote Template

The Fresh Variety Keynote Template’s 45 fully customizable slides are designed to communicate all types of content. Let charts, graphs, infographics, timelines, and more share data clearly.
Big ideas stand out with slides formatted to emphasize bold bits of text. Professional photographs and 20 vector icons add to the template’s classic style. Everything you need to deliver an incredible presentation is available for instant download.
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Red Carpet Keynote Template

Featuring 41 customizable slides, the template allows you to easily create an award-worthy marketing presentation. Update stunning charts, graphs, and infographics with your own content. Adjust the size and color of the 40 vector icons included to complement your presentation.

Red Carpet_blog

Give your marketing plan the red carpet treatment with this template reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour. Share compelling information without sacrificing style.
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Thank you for supporting us. We hope you enjoy using our templates! If you have any questions concerning our keynote templates please contact us. We respond quickly.

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