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Best Powerpoint Templates
for 2018

The best PowerPoint templates are hard to find on the web. They either look cheesy or just boring. That’s why we’ve created this list. Having several years of experience doing PowerPoint design we wanted to present this list to...

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Best Keynote Templates 2016

Best Keynote Templates in 2017

We have created a list with best Premium Keynote Templates in 2017. Keynote templates are hard to find on the web but they don’t have to be cheesy or boring. Having several years of experience doing Keynote design we...

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Tactics For Pitching Big Ideas To Big Decision Makers

If you are in the business of pitching new ideas, products or services, you’ve probably found yourself in a scenario where the fate of the deal you have been working on was determined by how well you presented key...

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Best Powerpoint Templates
in 2015

We’ve made a little 2015 summary for you with best Powerpoint Templates we have so far. Below you’ll find top 6 presented in a nice infographic way. Just click on an image to find out full details about a...

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Presenting to Millennials

Millennials, almost like celebrities, are analyzed on a daily basis. Various experts, scientists, professors and research centers have made an attempt to do the cross section of this generation. You can read all about them in corporate reports, blogs...

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Powerpoint Templates For Mac

People often ask us if our PowerPoint Templates work on Mac. They work just fine! No matter if you work on PowerPoint 2011 or the new PowerPoint 2016 for Mac. Read our guidelines regarding working with our PowerPoint templates...

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How to Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is almost like a rite of passage for entrepreneurs. Viewpoints regarding the importance of a business plan from one extreme to another. Some people believe you should live and breathe by it; other believe the...

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